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Moveage [Wednesday
11 01, 2006 / 3:21pm]
'K dudes, I'm picking up and going. I don't think I like this journal anymore.

I've got a new blog HERE:


I made a new livejournal account, but I don't think I will use it... maybe someday later down the track- if I do, I'll be sure to let you all know.

Loads of love,

Natasha xoxo

10 24, 2006 / 10:41pm]
My new blog

I will post all thoughts there from now on... it's easier and neater for me. Livejournal has become too messy and this complicated mess of html, confusing friends lists and nonsense.

Love you guys.

02 08, 2006 / 2:53am]
[ mood | calm ]

Making a repeat of a past entry, I will do this every now and then...

These are the people currently in my different "Friend Filter" groups:

Big ol' list...Collapse )

If you are not listed above, you are (from this point forward, as I've removed some, who I was unsure of whether they wanted to be there or not) not currently able to view any eating problem-related entries. This is done, so that friends of mine who are currently attempting any sort of recovery, or simply those who don't like hearing about nasty eating problems are able to still be on my friend's list and still read my happy-chap entries.

If you would like to be removed from the Eating Related group, please note me, OR, if you would like to be added to that group, do the same.

Sorry for any people who are/aren't on there despite their current wishes, I hope to get this sorted out ASAP so that everyone is happy, not triggered or upset and feeling good about it all.


Anonymity time [Sunday
01 15, 2006 / 12:52pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I stole this idea from misterkris ^_^

Leave me an anonymous note saying absolutely anything you want.

Could be a criticism, could be a compliment, could be how you feel... could be something completely random and unrelated.

Leave as many notes as you'd like.


artwork [Saturday
12 10, 2005 / 11:35pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I found some pics of artwork in my photobucket... mostly ranging from like... 2002 work until work from a few months ago.

The majority of it is from around 2002-2003ish.

scribbles... MEGA PICTURE HEAVYCollapse )

I had some photography work lying around too... but I figured that that was probably enough.

I'm mega bored, incase you can't tell...

sorry for murdering your computers with ten billion pics.


12 09, 2005 / 2:52pm]
Yay! I made a community :-)


Friends Only [Thursday
09 01, 2005 / 11:59pm]

Friends Only

[comment to be added]

BEFORE ASKING TO BE ADDED please click here and decide whether or not you would like to be able to view the part of my journal related to eating-issues. It can be graphic and triggering to those in positions of recovery from eating disorders. Otherwise, you may be added to view the rest of my more every-day journal, but please- when asking to be added, note me and let me know what parts you would like to be able to view... I don't want to be responsible for hurting, upsetting or triggering any persons in vulnerable positions.


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