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I found some pics of artwork in my photobucket... mostly ranging from like... 2002 work until work from a few months ago.

The majority of it is from around 2002-2003ish.

My first painting

Picture I drew for Jesse's 17th b'day... I thought it looked cool with the colours inverted :p

not the best picture of this... it was hard to capture

Some old pics of Jesse

Trying my hand at pointalism. I never got around to finishing it... it took ages >_

This is one picture that I've drawn which I actually like ^_^


these pictures are all pretty old...

I had some photography work lying around too... but I figured that that was probably enough.

I'm mega bored, incase you can't tell...

sorry for murdering your computers with ten billion pics.
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i do art too!
you are greatly talented my dear. these are fantastic. i love them. xx

that dragon! all of them
you're really great!

the pointalism-one is awesome
Wow. those are really beautiful. You're very talented.
^_^ you make me feel like
such an art n00b!
i love you sweetpea.
wow you're a good artist!
murder away and post the photos
these are great.
do you go to art classes or an art school?
theyre creative
I didn't know you did art.
I love them.
Very worth the 5 minutes it took to upload :)
I really like the one you did of yourself. I've nly seen a few pictures of you, but I noticed it looked familiar right away. Then I read the caption =p. I'd love to see some of your photography sometimes.
I really like that your style of art is so varied. I'd love to see your photographs.

-random person who found you throught ihaterockmelon. =)
wow you are really really good. i absolutely adore the pictures of the eyes. they look so real. what medium did you use? add?


February 2 2006, 13:17:07 UTC 11 years ago

So sorry for the late response! I haven't checked these notes in ages!

I use loads of different mediums, chinagraph pencil, watercolour, inks, oil paints, pastels, gouache, photography, charcoal, a bit of everything really :)

I would love to add you :) Again... sorry for the late reply!


February 2 2006, 13:18:27 UTC 11 years ago

oops... this was from sullendeity
I'm a dope ;)
these are fantastic
you have great style :]

i've seen you in a community (i can't remember which)
i'd love to add you; add me back?
your artwork is amazing!!
Thank you sweetie!! :)
Hey, I saw you in a community recently and I clicked on your username...

...and your art is enthralling.

Do you mind friending a fellow eating-disordered artist? *hope*
Thank you so much, I'd love to add you :)


11 years ago

whoa, i really like your work.
Gosh, you are amazing.. i hope you are keeping safe too!

May i add you? I'm an also a textiles/art student, and a virgo too! :)
Goodness you're breathtakingly gorgeous and talented to boot, may I add you?


June 8 2006, 10:24:05 UTC 11 years ago

I love the dragon, its my chinese sigh.


July 3 2006, 06:15:05 UTC 11 years ago

lovely art work!
wow these are amazing.
my husbad and I recent took a trip to nyc and went to MOMA, it was amazing. have you ever been? I think you would really love it.